freedom 8848

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Inspired by our connection to the 4th Musketeer Global Movement and its Mission, “To inspire global passion for adventurous faith and waves of justice,”  Freedom 8848’s mission is to tackle the seemingly impossible challenge of eradicating human trafficking locally and abroad. 
Human trafficking is such an immense problem it can feel like standing at the base of Mount Everest staring at the peak and seeing an impossible journey. The problem is so big, so hard we don’t know where to start. First steps seem pointless when we know we’ll never reach the peak. Because it’s impossible the temptation is to pack our bags and go home, doing nothing. 

Except summiting Everest isn’t impossible. With God’s help and the right mixture of strength, determination and teamwork it can be done. 

Therefore, in August 2020 we’re going to climb Everest, here in Alberta. Everest is 8848M high. We’ll do that in 3 days, climbing 9 peaks to cover a total elevation gain of 8848M+.  We’ll be doing this to raise funds for front line charities in this field, and more importantly raising awareness of the issues and practically what justice looks like for each of us to make a real difference, “one stone at a time”.


prevention. rescue. restoration.